v0.28.0: Release Notes

At the end of November, Dzone has published our article: Private Remote Maven Repository With Artipie. We will be happy to get any feedback!

Artipie new version v0.28.0 was released on December 21. The previous two months we were working on Artipie monitoring and metrics. The goal is to provide easy to use and understand monitoring system, which will allow us to know what is happening in the Artipie, how fast the artifacts are uploaded and downloaded, catch and fix any problems right on time. We approached monitoring from two different directions: gathering metrics with Micrometer and providing measurements in Prometheus compatible format and implementing diagnostics and profiling data with Java Flight Records.

Micrometer metrics can gather the following statistics:

To learn more about each metrics type, check our Wiki.

Artipie JFR events are generated on each HTTP request and storage operation. Check the Wiki for more details.