v0.24.0: Release Notes

Hello, it’s been a while since the last Artipie blog post. Despite the absence of the posts, Artipie has been constantly developing, growing and improving the whole time. Today, we want to introduce our roadmap, invite you to join our Telegram group and remind you, that we have central.artipie.com for private repository hosting. Artipie central now supports authorization via GitHub, generate github access token and use github.com/your_username as login (your GitHub username with github.com/ prefix) and access token as password in Artipie central. If any questions appear, contact us in Telegram.

Artipie docker image version v0.24.0 is already available in DockerHub (you can use latest tag), fat jar file can be downloaded from GitHub release page.

Here is a list of the repositories types Artipie now supports:

You can find example usages and settings for each repository type in this Artipie examples directory.

In the past several month, we were working on: